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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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I want to submit a request to my sponsor to extend the end date of my project. I probably won’t get formal sponsor approval in place before the end date. What can I do? OSP
I will be a consultant on another University’s federal assistance award, does this make me a subrecipient on that award? OSP
I’m having problems downloading interactive PDFs, like the WORKSHEET Human Subjects Research Determination HSD
Is my eGC1 ready? OSP Research Administration
NIH: Biosketch FAQs OSP
NIH: FAQs on Reporting Other Support OSP
Non-Award Agreement eGC1 Instructions and Approval Process OSP
Outside Professional Work for Compensation (Form 1460) ORC Research Administration
Pass-through federal funding: Is it a Sponsored Program? OSP Research Administration
PDF File Type Becomes Associated with Chrome File Type HSD