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Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I address common errors and warnings in eRA Commons RPPRs (including Interim and Final RPPRs):

Review guidance below for some of the more common eRA Commons RPPR errors and warnings.

Common Errors

eRA Commons will not allow RPPR submission if there are errors. Click Check for Errors on RPPR Menu and address all errors.

A few of the most common errors for Section D. Participants:

  • Individuals with ‘0’ calendar months of effort should not be listed in this section.
  • The PI of the project must have at least 1 calendar month effort
  • Respond to this often overlooked question: Is the individual’s primary affiliation with a foreign organization.
  • ALL Undergraduate and/or Graduate Student Roles MUST have a complete eRA Commons account profile, their commons User ID must be included in the participants section before submitting to NIH.

Common Warnings

Warnings will not prevent an RPPR from being submitted in eRA Commons but may cause problems with NIH review of the RPPR.

Missing or Non-affiliated Commons IDs:
Review: How do I update eRA Commons affiliation for myself or a member of my team?

Non-Compliant Publication Warning:
eRA Commons allows an RPPR with non-compliant publications to continue with submission, however, publications must be compliant NIH Public Access Policy before NIH will process a non-competing continuation.

Review UW Health Sciences Library guidance for NIH Public Access Policy

G4.b Warnings

Investigators will receive a warning when trying to submit an RPPR that has not had study record entries/edits made in the Human Subjects System. This warning does not prevent them from submitting the RPPR.

No cumulative enrollment data
“G4.b No cumulative enrollment data has been provided to the Study #XXXX, is this correct? If enrollment has not begun, you may proceed and submit the RPPR. If participants have been enrolled, navigate to section G4.b and update inclusion enrollment data…”

Updates to Inclusion Enrollment Data have not been made

If the Human Subjects System Clinical Trial form was not submitted before the RPPR submission, the RPPR will not reflect the Inclusion Enrollment updates.

We recommend making sure the HSS records are updated and included within an RPPR BEFORE submitting the RPPR. It is a two step process.

    1. Complete HSS records & mark ‘Ready for Submission’
    2. If the Submit button is active for the PI, PI submits the HSS record
      • If the Submit button is not active for the PI, twice a week (Tues & Thurs) OSP will submit all HSS records ‘Ready for Submission’.
        • Send special requests for HSS submission to osp@uw.edu.
      • Once HSS records have been submitted, you should see the HSS data within the RPPR.
      • Do not submit the RPPR until after HSS updates appear within the RPPR.

If the RPPR was submitted before Inclusion Enrollment updates were made: Review How to Change the (RPPR) Application Status and Resubmit.