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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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For awards such as a T32, which in most cases have restricted carry forward, will we need to enter that in the budget or is that still handled by GCA for us? ORIS
Foreign Influence Through the Research Lifecycle OSP Rates
How can a PI tell if they can submit SNAP eligible RPPRs? OSP Research Administration
How can I view an RPPR in eRA Commons that is in progress or that has already been submitted? 
How can my subrecipient submit invoices? OSP
How do I address common errors and warnings in eRA Commons RPPRs (including Interim and Final RPPRs): OSP
How do I assign the Advance Reviewer role in ASTRA? ORIS
How do I document salary cap on proposal budgets? OSP
How do I escalate an urgent sponsored research problem? ORC
How do I find all Office of Research FAQs?