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How will clinical trial budgets be managed in SAGE Budget?

Clinical trials will use SAGE Budget. SAGE Budget will be required on all Award Setup requests, including budgets that will run through CTO review and Oncore billing. To help with Award Line and Award Period setup in Workday Finance, you will enter the following minimum information in a single SAGE budget worksheet with $0 amount. This setup should only take a few minutes.

Minimum Information for Clinical Trial SAGE Budget:

Budget Settings

  • Budget Title
  • Budget Start Date
  • Total number of periods (defaults to 1)

Worksheet Settings

  • Primary Worksheet Title
  • Cost Center
  • Activity Location
  • Sponsored Program Activity Category
  • Sponsored Program Activity Type
  • Base Type (F&A need)

Budget Entry

  • Add a Principal Investigator in personnel section for each worksheet, PI salary=$0
    • Only one worksheet is needed for CTO budgets
  • No other line item entry required in the budget

Review the SAGE Budget Clinical Trial Job Aid

For more information, including screenshots, visit the SAGE Awards page.

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