UW Research

June 29, 2018

UW Biostatistics offers summer short courses in Statistics for Clinical Research

The UW Department of Biostatistics will offer introductory and advanced short courses in methods for clinical research through the 5th Summer Institute in Statistics for Clinical Research (SISCR), July 23-27. These one-day courses provide learning opportunities in:

  • Design, Conduct and Analysis of Clinical Trials
  • Special Topics, including surrogate endpoints and DSMBs
  • Survival Analysis for Clinical Trials
  • Group Sequential Trials
  • Additional courses in biomarkers, precision medicine, Bayesian methods, longitudinal data, and other subjects.

Learn more online. Registrations paid via UW Budget will receive a discounted rate.

Additional 2.5-day short courses available through the Summer Institutes in Statistics forĀ Big Data, Statistical Genetics, and Statistics and Modeling forĀ Infectious Diseases.