UW Research

January 6, 2023

NIH Reminders -Applications due on or after 1/25/2023

As mentioned in October, NIH applications due on or after 1/25/2023 must use FORMS-H. These applications should be prepared using NIH’s ASSIST until the UW’s SAGE Grant Runner can accommodate the new NIH FORMS set.


Applicants must use FORMS-H for due dates on or after January 25, 2023 and must use FORMS-G for due dates on or before January 24, 2023.

For a transition period, both FORMS-G and FORMS-H will be active simultaneously. Applicants must choose the appropriate application package for their due date.

NIH will withdraw and remove applications from funding considerations if applicants submit using an incorrect forms package.

Review more information on FORMS from NIH.


FORMS-H updates in Grant Runner are being deferred until Spring 2023 (April/May target to support June 2023 due dates) to ensure we maximize the benefits from the work that’s planned for inclusion in the UW Finance Transformation Project.

Please plan to use ASSIST for NIH applications with due dates on or after January 25, 2023 (FORMS-H) until further notice.

Review the October MRAM announcement for more details and links to NIH guidance around FORMS-H.