UW Research

April 19, 2019

Faculty Grants Management Online Refresher – Updated and Improved

The Office of Research is pleased to announce the updated Faculty Grants Management Online Refresher. PIs must participate in a Faculty Grants Management (FGM) workshop when they have active grants that are funded by an external sponsor. They are also required to take a refresher course every four years – the new easy to access online course meets that requirement.

This module-based course gives a brief overview of research compliance and highlights recent changes in research administration and policy. To receive credit, the PI must complete all required modules and check the box on the attestation page.

Participation will be registered via MyResearch Training Transcript. Active PIs must complete the workshop at least once every four years or lose their ability to submit additional grant proposals, as well as expenditure authority on grants.

Access online course on the FGM Professional & Organizational Development webpage (see the section “Attendance Requirement and Registration – Returning PIs”)

Contact the Office of Research with questions.