Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson —




Table of Contents


PART I: Creating an Electronic Mentoring Community

Chapter One: An Introduction to E-mentoring and E-communities

Chapter Two: Steps to Creating an E-mentoring Community

Chapter Three: Orientation and Training for Mentors

Chapter Four: Introduction to Mentoring for Success and Self-Determination

PART II: Supporting Teens in an E-Mentoring Community

Chapter Five: Define Success for Yourself

Chapter Six: Set Personal, Academic, and Career Goals. Keep Your Expectations High

Chapter Seven: Understand Your Abilities and Disabilities; Play to Your Strengths

Chapter Eight: Develop Strategies to Reach Your Goals

Chapter Nine: Use Technology as an Empowering Tool

Chapter Ten: Work Hard; Persevere; Be flexible

Chapter Eleven: Develop a Support Network. Look to Family, Friends, and Teachers

PART III: Where to Go from Here 

Chapter Twelve: Share Your Story

Chapter Thirteen: Sample Documents

Chapter Fourteen: Resources and Bibliography


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