E-Community Activity: Using Technology to Complete Homework

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Subject: Using technology to complete homework

An example of how a high school student was resourceful in using technology to help him complete a school assignment occurred in an electronic community. He posted the following message to a large group of peers: "Hi everyone. For an assignment in a class I am taking, I need to interview people on their definitions of love. I would appreciate any definitions from you for my paper. Thank you." Here are some of the responses he received.

  • Love is unconditional acceptance of a person, in spite of any physical, emotional, or spiritual conditions they may have.
  • Love is caring deeply and with a passion.
  • Love is the one thing that everyone, in some manner, wishes to give and to have given to them. It is probably the topic which has received, across cultures, the most thought and effort to understand. How ironic then that it is probably the most elusive and difficult goal we will ever try to attain.
  • Love is the quality of giving of one's life so that others' lives may be bettered—in other words, it's the way that we live as it relates to how we give (people just LOVE that rhyming stuff).
  • It has a lot to do with giving and working with, as opposed to against, someone.
  • I don't think that a person who has lost the capacity to love is human anymore.
  • To keep your own thoughts and ideas out of the way when you are listening to another human being is the ultimate act of love. When you love, you feel free and unguarded with the other person. But before you can love, you must first risk. Makes life kind of tough, doesn't it?

Describe a creative way you have used or could use technology to help you in school.