This book is dedicated to college-bound teens who are smart enough to know they can learn from the experiences of others.

It is also dedicated to mentors who find joy in knowing they've made a difference in a young person's life. These caring adults may mentor a child as part of their relationship as:

  • a parent who is continually learning how best to guide his or her child toward a happy, self-determined life
  • a teacher who is learning strategies to apply in the special education or inclusive classroom
  • a counselor or group leader who is open to new ideas for helping young people become successful adults

The book is written for those who wish to develop an online community that facilitates mentoring, peer support, and other activities to promote academic and career success, social competence, self-determination, and leadership skills for teens with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. Anyone who enjoys hearing about the goals, challenges, efforts, experiences, and insights of young people facing life's challenges will also enjoy reading this book.