E-Community Activity: Characteristics of Self-Determined People

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Subject: Characteristics of self-determined people

We know that we can lead more successful, satisfying lives if we are self-determined. But what are some of the characteristics of self-determined people? If you have a high level of self-determination, you are likely to:

  • know your needs, desires, interests, strengths, and limitations and use this information to make choices
  • be self-confident and have healthy self-esteem
  • be creative
  • have a clear vision of the future
  • feel in control of your life
  • be a good self advocate
  • be a good negotiator
  • have good problem solving skills
  • identify and choose from several options and anticipate consequences for each
  • take responsibility for your decisions
  • manage your behavior and take appropriate actions
  • make future plans based on outcomes of previous actions
  • be persistent
  • know where to find help when you need it

Name one of these characteristics that you would like to make stronger for you and tell why.