E-Community Activity: Identifying Your Likes and Dislikes

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Subject: Identifying your likes and dislikes

You will spend a long time in school and at work. Building on things that you like to do and learn about is one step toward a fulfilling life. Give some thought to your likes and dislikes. Think about how you would complete each partial sentence below.

  1. One thing I really like to do is:
    One thing I really dislike doing is:
  2. One activity I really like at school is:
    One activity I don't like at school is:
  3. The subject I like most at school is:
    The subject I like least at school is:
  4. One activity I really like for recreation is:
    A recreational activity I don't like is:
  5. Something I like to do with my friends is:
    One thing I don't like doing with my friends is:
  6. An activity I like to do when I'm alone is:
    ​One activity I don't like to do alone is:

Share with the group a job you might enjoy because of your likes and dislikes.