The Center for Universal Design in Education (CUDE) develops and collects resources to help educators apply universal design (UD) in order to make all aspects of the educational experience welcoming to, usable by, and inclusive of everyone, including people with disabilities.

Consult the Introduction to Universal Design in Education for the basics and the following subsections for specifics:

Creating Inclusive Learning Opportunities in Higher Education: A Universal Design Toolkit
Order this must-have book that has how-to instructions for applying UD to everything we do in higher education, and complements the 2015 book Universal Design in Higher Education: From Principles to Practice. Learn more in this podcast episode of Trending in Education.

Apply 20 Tips For Teaching an Accessible Online Course
Use a checklist, watch a video, and/or complete a tutorial to begin making an online course accessible, usable, and inclusive.

Universal Design in Higher Education: Promising Practices
Discover practices for implementing universal design, with opportunities for you to contribute to the collection in this online book.

A Framework for Inclusive Practices in Higher Education Publication and Accompanying Worksheet
Read about the guiding principles that underpin universal design in higher education and use a helpful worksheet for applying universal design at your institution.

Published Articles and Books
Explore a rich literature base of publications that share research and practice regarding the application of universal design in postsecondary education.

Universal Design in the News
Read news articles and posts on universal design.

UDHE Community of Practice
Join a community comprised of individuals interested in exploring universal design (UD) and its applications in higher education.