E-Community Activity: Affirming Success

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Subject: Affirming success

Some positive affirmations from successful people with disabilities are listed below. Read each statement and think about your level of agreement with it.

  • I know my strengths and challenges.
  • I know what is important to me.
  • I know what I need versus what I prefer.
  • I know what options I have.
  • I am an independent thinker.
  • I am optimistic about my future.
  • I care about my school, my community, and other people.
  • I act on my own convictions.
  • I recognize and respect my rights and responsibilities.
  • I can resist negative peer pressure.
  • I am comfortable with my disability.
  • I take my disability into account when I set goals and develop strategies, but I realize that it is only a small part of my identity.
  • I can deal with the negative stereotypes of others in a constructive way.

Share with us an additional affirmation statement that is true about you now or that you would like to be true about yourself in the future.