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Reading the Notice of Award (NoA): the Basics

The Notice of Award (NoA) is a significant document for award recipients to read closely and understand. It is the contractual agreement between the UW and the sponsor. The NoA provides basic and essential information, such as:

  • Period of performance
  • Invoicing and reporting standards, frequency, and due dates
  • Budget details
  • Special terms and conditions
  • Closeout and termination requirements

And much more!

In this class the instructor:

  1. Explains typical elements of the NoA that award recipients need to understand.
  2. Highlights what the terms mentioned in the NoA mean for compliance requirements.
  3. Provides insight into how elements of the NOA are reflected in the setup of the award in Workday.


Anyone working with sponsored programs

Research Administration Certificate


Last Updated

January, 2024

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