UW Research

Policies, Procedures, and Guidance

Policies, Procedures, and Guidance for the Office of Research. Includes GIMs, SOPs, Guidance and more.
Name Type Updated Owner Download
GUIDANCE Expanded Access Procedures & Guidance 08/25/2022 HSD
GUIDANCE Humanitarian Use Device Procedures & Guidance 08/25/2022 HSD
SOP External Reliance Agreements SOP 02/29/2024 HSD [Download]
GIM 36 – Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Policy and Guidelines GIMS 12/27/2022 ORC
GIM 37 – Research Data GIMS ORC
GIM 10 – Financial Conflict of Interest Policy GIMS 01/18/2023 ORC
Guidance on Research Involving Marijuana ORC [Download]
GIM 01 – Review and Submission Requirements for Proposals GIMS OSP
GIM 02 – Sponsored Awards: Acceptance and Fiscal Compliance GIMS 07/06/2023 OSP