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Policies, Procedures and Guidance

Policies, Procedures and Guidance for the Office of Research.
Name Type Updated Owner Download
SOP Appeal of IRB Determination SOP 08/09/2012 HSD [Download]
SOP Authorization Agreements SOP 05/30/2017 HSD [Download]
SOP Closure SOP 06/13/2017 HSD [Download]
SOP Completion of Approval SOP 06/13/2017 HSD [Download]
SOP Consent SOP 08/24/2018 HSD [Download]
SOP Consent Documentation SOP 08/24/2018 HSD [Download]
SOP Continuing Review SOP 06/14/2017 HSD [Download]
SOP Data Collected Without IRB Approval SOP 06/23/2017 HSD [Download]
SOP Delayed Onset Human Research SOP 06/23/2017 HSD [Download]
SOP Department of Defense SOP 02/05/2018 HSD [Download]