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Set Up Development Plan

It is important to understand how training grant competitive submissions are different from other grant projects. Understand also the difference between a renewing application and a new application. If you are submitting a renewal then you are basically revising and crunching numbers. If you are submitting a new proposal, there will be data you need to gather. NIH requires different tables for new versus renewing applications. The tips in this website will help you to discuss strategy with your PI, develop a realistic timeline, and outline expectations for others.


How do I get started?

How do I set up my project plan?

  • Meet with the PI to clarify roles, decide on the meeting frequency, clarify expectations, and confirm deadlines.
  • Create a realistic timeline of activities.
  • Create a contact list for all department and administrative contacts.
  • Create a reference list of mentors and administrative contacts for the mentors.
    • Determine the number of mentors participating in the training grant. You will need to collate a lot of information for each mentor so start early.
  • Create a Training Grant Data Table Tracker.

What eRA roles are required for training grants?

NIH institutional grants require research administration staff, the PI, mentors, and trainees to have appropriate roles within eRA Commons.

  • In order for a grant administrator to see a training grant in xTrain, the PI needs to delegate access to that person, and this has to be done for every new grant.
  • Review more information on eRA Commons Roles at the UW.