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Closeout – Training Grants

The Closeout process is unique for institutional training grants. Use the provided Training Grant Closeout Checklist to assist you in tracking items.

For the duration of the grant funding, trainees are added and removed through the appointment and termination process. Special treatment of stipend and tuition reconciliation and outstanding obligations is necessary. Incorrect payment of stipends can delay closing of the budget. Use the closeout calculator provided in the Training Grant Budget Tracker and Training Grant Outstanding Trainee Obligations Worksheet to help you facilitate tracking of any special needs.

Once the funding ends, a final report on the training program is required within 90 days of the end date, in addition to the Federal Financial Report (FFR). The Final Invention Statement and Certification is not currently required.

For questions, please contact the awarding institute as listed in your NRSA training grant award.

Training Grant Closeout Checklist

The following checklist may be used as a tool to facilitate NIH Training Grant Closeout:

  1. Use the Outstanding Trainee Obligations (OTO) workbook, input:
    • the trainee appointment information located on the trainee’s Statement of Appointment (SOA) which can be downloaded from xTrain within eRA Commons
    • the applicable benefit rates
    • grant period information

With this information, calculate the balance of outstanding trainee obligations (both stipends and tuition) to be carried forward and made available in the continuation budget year.

  1. Ensure all trainee stipend payments are paid in one of the following trainee object codes:
    • 01-50 (Post-doctoral trainee)
    • 01-90 (pre-doctoral trainee)
    • 08-02 (stipends. Note, The School of Medicine does not allow stipend payments to be split between 01 and 08-02 object codes).
  2. Correct stipend payments made in the incorrect object code and/or earn type (TRN). Contact the ISC/Payroll Office for questions/additional details https://isc.uw.edu/
  3. Ensure tuition expenditures that have posted to the budget are:
    • Associated with current trainees
    • Coded to object code 08-05
  4. Review Trainee stipends paid in the current budget year and compare against each trainee’s SOA. To confirm the accuracy of stipend payments, complete the following steps of reconciliation:
    • Calculate stipend payments to trainee that have posted to MyFD
    • Less: Prior year obligations for trainee
    • Add: Outstanding Trainee obligations calculated using the OTO workbook
    • Confirm: Net Stipend Balance Should match Trainee’s Current SOA or Termination Notice
  5. If trainee is overpaid or underpaid in stipends, use the Online Salary Expense Transfer module in MyFD to transfer the difference off or on the budget. For additional questions, contact the ISC.
  6. Ensure all applicable trainee termination notices have been submitted for processing. Kirschstein-NRSA policy requires the submission of a Termination Notice (PHS 416-7) upon termination of each trainee, and each termination notice must be submitted through the xTrain Commons Module.