UW Research

April 30, 2024

Consequences for Late or Missing Progress Reports

Sponsors are continuing to increase scrutiny and enforcement of progress and technical reporting requirements.

Importance of Timely Progress Reports

Recipient failure to submit progress reports (including annual and final reports) to sponsors results in a variety of potential consequences and corrective actions from both the sponsor and the University.

Sponsors may decide to suspend or terminate current awards and/or withhold current and future support not only to the awarded PI but to the entire University.

GIM 39 highlights potential consequences:

  • Sponsor actions (delay awards, withhold awards, require different payment method, suspend awards)
  • OSP will not review or submit proposals
  • OSP and GCA restrictions

Plan Ahead

We strongly urge all UW Principal Investigators:

  • To follow sponsor deadlines and guidelines for progress & technical report submission.
  • To make it a priority to submit overdue progress reports .
  • Who plan to retire or transfer to another institution to submit all progress/technical reports (including any final reports) before leaving the UW.

We also encourage department staff to remind their PIs to submit their reports in a timely manner and make sure that retiring or transferring PIs have submitted all their required reports before they leave.