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Human Subjects Division (HSD)


Are you planning any human subjects research related to the current swine flu outbreak?

Apr 28, 2009 at 10:44am

UW researchers may be planning to study this emerging and rapidly evolving situation - perhaps looking at biomedical issues, or at social/behavioral issues such as the impact of social networking sites on individuals' behaviors and thoughts.

If you think you may do human subjects research of any type that is related to the current swine flu outbreak, please contact one of the following individuals at the UW Human Subjects Division (HSD) as soon as possible - ideally, before you finish devising your research design, procedures, and documents such as questionnaires.  We will work with you or your staff to very rapidly facilitate your IRB application, review, and approval so you can start your research as soon as possible.

Shannon Sewards    ssewards@u.washington.edu   206-543-2254
Karen Moe    kemoe@u.washington.edu  206-543-7246
Sharon Elsayed    selsayed@u.washington.edu  206-685-9110
Wendy Brown   wbrown3@u.washington.edu  206-543-5602
At the VA:   Amy Marsh   amymarsh@u.washington.edu  206-764-2670