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Frequently-Asked Questions

What is a temporary internal extension?

A temporary internal extension allows expenses to continue to post on a sponsored program award line while waiting for:

  • sponsor approval to extend the project period, or
  • the next segment of funding, modification or amendment from the sponsor.

Temporary internal extensions can be requested when a no cost extension request is submitted to a sponsor,  or when there may be a lapse in time between the next year’s funding.

Temporary extensions are typically for up to 6 months per request and can be requested again if needed. The department must provide an alternative departmental non-sponsored project budget number along with the request. If the sponsor does not approve the budget extension, the department budget will be used to cover those expenses.

Grant and Contract Accounting cannot invoice sponsors for expenses accrued past the current approved end date.

When sponsors require expenses to be segregated annually, requesting an advance is more appropriate.

Review more information on the Extension Requests topic for Award Changes.