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Clinical Trials & SAGE Budget – Questions from 5/19 MRAM

Q1: If there are multiple PIs (mPIs), do all need to be entered – or just the contact PI?A1: Only the Principal Investigator needs to be entered for the SAGE Budget Worksheet. However, you can also enter application PI or additional PIs if you wish to.Q2: If we create a budget proposal in Excel, can we still submit it as an attachment to eGC1?A2: Yes, to submit your eGC1. But SAGE Budget will be required at time of award when you submit your Award Setup Request.Q3: Is there a benefit to set up 1 period with 60 months vs. 5 periods of 12 months each on clinical trials?A3: The number of periods entered in a SAGE Budget will influence the Workday Award Schedule. If you enter multiple periods, you will need to select each period in the Award Setup Request

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