UW Research

May 14, 2021

UW Professor Deborah Fuller presents on the “Next Generation DNA and RNA Vaccines for COVID19 Worldwide”

On May 12, 2021, Professor Deborah Fuller presented on the topic: “Next Generation DNA and RNA Vaccines for COVID19 Worldwide” to the Office of Research. This timely presentation was fascinating and designed for a general audience. We hope this is shared broadly across the UW.

Presentation Description

With COVID19, mRNA vaccines surged to the forefront as our most effective weapon to fight the pandemic. Learn about the decades of work that led to the discovery of mRNA vaccines, how mRNA and closely related DNA vaccines work and how the next generation of RNA and DNA vaccines could be used to prevent future pandemics. 

About Our Presenter

Deborah Fuller, PhD
Professor, Department of Microbiology
University of Washington
Division Chief, Infectious Diseases and Translational Medicine
Washington National Primate Research Center