UW Research

July 7, 2022

Subaward Certification Form Updates – Use the Right Form

Periodically, we update our subaward certification forms. The latest versions are always available on our website.

To ensure you are using the most current version, we urge you to download these directly from our site instead of saving a local copy to reuse later.

Project Specific Certification Form

The OSP Subawards Team requires completion of the project specific certification form prior to fully executing a subaward agreement. This form will be requested when we issue a new subaward or subaward modification.

New Subrecipient Entity Certification Form

The OSP Subawards team requires new UW subrecipients to complete this entity certification form prior to issuing a subaward agreement. This form may also be requested when subrecipient entity information needs to be updated.

Review GIM 7: Subaward Administration and GIM 8: Subrecipient Monitoring for more information.