UW Research

August 10, 2021

SAGE Update: New Label for Financially Responsible Department on Advances

The Office of Research Information Services has updated the SAGE Advance Budget Request form to bring greater consistency in how organization codes are used by campus and Grant and Contracting Accounting within FIN.

What Changed?

The Financially Responsible Department field on SAGE Advances has been relabeled to Organization Code Receiving Funding on Advance.

NOTE: The advance approval and notification process will remain the same. Approvals and notifications will roll up to Advance Reviewers based on the Organization Code Receiving Funding on Advance – either entered on the advance or defaulting from the eGC1.

You must enter an updated organization code on an advance, prior to routing, if the organization code that defaults from the eGC1 is no longer valid.


If you have questions, please contact sagehelp@uw.edu.