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September 29, 2020

NSF: Project Reporting Format and Question Updates

Effective Oct. 5, 2020, the National Science Foundation (NSF) is making the following updates to the Research Performance Project Report in Research.gov.

New Question for Project Reports with Active Other Support Changes:

Edit Participants screen, new question: Has there been a change in the active other support of the PI/PD(s) since the last reporting period?

If Principal Investigators (PIs)/Project Directors (PDs) and co-PIs/co-PDs select “Yes,” they will be required to upload their most up-to-date Current and Pending Support document in an NSF-approved format. This will notify NSF that active other support has changed since the award was made or since the most recent annual report.

Use NSF-Approved Formats for Current and Pending Support

Current and Pending Support documents must be in an NSF-approved format or they will trigger a compliance error which will prevent document upload and submission of the annual or final project report.

NSF-approved formats for Current and Pending Support are SciENcv: Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae and an NSF fillable PDF.

If you are using the NSF fillable PDF, do not adjust the formatting of the document after downloading it or you may experience errors.

Other New Questions from the Revised RPPR

The following three questions will also be added to the “Impact” and “Changes/Problems” tabs:

  • What was the impact on teaching and educational experiences? (Impact tab)
  • What percentage of the award’s budget was spent in a foreign country? (Impact tab)
  • Has there been a change in primary performance site location from that originally proposed? (Changes/Problems tab)

NSF-specific Updates

  • NSF-specific help text updates have been added throughout
  • NSF-specific instructions have been clarified or enhanced
  • NSF has also consolidated data entry fields where possible


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