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June 20, 2019

NIH: Upcoming July 5th Due Date Reminders

Ready to Submit Proposals and the GIM 19 Deadline

The NIH R01 and U01 renewal, resubmission, and revision due date is July 5th.

This is typically a high volume deadline for the UW and this year it falls on a Friday after the 4th of July holiday.

What this means for proposals with a July 5th sponsor due date:

  • DRAFT proposals are due to OSP by Wednesday, June 26
  • Ready to Submit (FINAL) proposals are due to OSP by the GIM 19 deadline of Monday, July 1st, by 5pm

Ready to Submit (RTS) means that the eGC1 has a complete proposal in final format, ready for submission to the sponsor.

RTS proposals must have:

  • Documents attached in the order required by the sponsor
  • Ready to Submit question on the eGC1 is marked “Yes”
  • The eGC1 in “In OSP” status.
  • The PI has given OSP access to the proposal in the sponsor system, if applicable.

Why this matters:

We have seen more proposals arriving in OSP on the GIM 19 deadline that are marked as Ready to Submit, but upon cursory review are clearly not ready for submission to the sponsor.

This results in GIM 19 waiver denials (when no justification) or, in the case of NIH proposals, submissions being rejected by the NIH Division of Receipt and Referral.

Act now to communicate these deadlines to your PIs.