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February 20, 2024

Proposal Reminders

Some proposal reminders and tips to help make your proposal submissions more successful.

Draft Proposal Review (Up to the GIM 19 deadline)

The business and administrative components of a proposal should be complete seven business days before the sponsor deadline. The scientific/programmatic portions can be draft versions. Route to OSP for initial review. OSP will review and provide reviewer comments, as applicable.

Ready to Submit by GIM 19

All proposals IN OSP on the GIM 19 deadline should be Ready to Submit.
Ready to Submit (RTS) means that the eGC1 has a complete proposal in final format, ready for submission to the sponsor.
RTS proposals must have:

  • Documents attached in the order required by the sponsor
  • All investigators completed their Significant Financial Interest Disclosures
  • Ready to Submit question on the eGC1 is marked “Yes”
  • The eGC1 is “In OSP” status
  • The PI has given OSP access to the proposal in the sponsor system, if applicable


Use project management tools and timelines and incorporate early steps into the process such as ensuring:

  • Investigators are available and have access in UW systems, such as the Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS)
  • Sponsor system accesses/permissions are obtained
  • Limited Submission approval is sought and documented, if applicable
  • Permission from NIH to exceed $500,00 direct cost limit, if applicable
  • Subrecipient materials are received timely to incorporate into UW’s overall proposal

Understand who is reviewing what on the eGC1, as it routes. OSP uses GIM 1 criteria for review once it arrives in OSP

Run any sponsor system validations or error checking for the draft proposal. This will help “clean up” formatting and other requirements that sponsor systems are designed to catch.

Do not route a proposal to OSP on the GIM 19 deadline. Plan to get review by OSP on the draft proposal ahead of the GIM 19 deadline.

Format Reminders

Incorrect formatting can prevent proposal submission to Grants.gov and other sponsor systems.
Thankfully, these errors are relatively easy to fix if you know what to look for.

For example, some versions of Word, auto-correct quotation marks from “straight” to “curly”. If these curly quotes are routed in an application to Grants.gov, an error results which prevents submission until corrected.

We highly recommend all proposal preparers adjust auto-correct settings in Word to prevent this from occurring.

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  • 2/20/2024 – updated title, removed “Fall”, added NIH resource for Marking Changes to Resubmission Applications
  • 8/30/2022- removed references to outdated materials and announcements