UW Research

April 11, 2019

Department of Defense: Current Support Info for Key Personnel in Proposals

Update Aug. 28, 2020: see updated UW guidance at Current and Pending or Other Support

Department of Defense (DOD) will Require Current Support Info in Proposals

Beginning around April 20th 2019 (date not specified), DOD notice of funding opportunities (NFO) for research and research training will include a requirement for current support documentation from all key personnel at the proposal stage.

This info will be required whether or not the key persons efforts on the project are DOD funded:

  • A list of current projects the individual is working on, as well as any future support applied for regardless of source
  • Titles and objectives of the other projects
  • Percentage per year devoted to the other projects
  • Total amount of support the individual is receiving or will receive
  • Name and address of agencies and/or other parties supporting other projects
  • Period of performance for the other projects

DOD indicated this requirement should be included in the NFOs. Please refer to the specific NFO when preparing proposals for details on how to comply.