UW Research

January 17, 2018

After-the-Fact eGC1 Key Points

Key Points:

Any eGC1 that has an agreement attached, whether fully or partially executed or not yet negotiated, is considered After-the-Fact (ATF). This is the case for funded research agreements as well as agreements without funding such as:

  • Data Use Agreements (DUAs)/Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs),
  • Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)/Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs), or
  • Unfunded research agreements.

Approval of an ATF eGC1 does not imply approval or acceptance of the agreement.

Creation of an ATF Funding Action (FA) or Nonaward Agreement (NAA) in SAGE does NOT mean you have a budget. OSP still needs to review the ATF Agreement.

FAs & NAAs are reviewed in the order received, according to reviewer workload.

Timing between FA/NA creation & UW budget set up in GCA can and will vary depending on the type of agreement, negotiations involved & reviewer workload. Competing applications have priority.


Updated Resources on 1.15.19