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Policies, Procedures and Guidance

GIM 27 – Use of Experimental Animals: Regulations

Subject: Use of Experimental Animals: Regulations to Insure Humane Treatment and Use

Effective: August 1, 1989

The University’s policies and procedures concerning the use of animals in research, teaching, and other activities are set forth in the University Handbook, Vol. IV, Part II, Chapter 3, and in the Administrative Policy Statement 12.4. The definition of “animal” for this purpose is any live, vertebrate animal used or intended for use in research experimentation, testing, training, or related purposes.

In order to assure compliance with University policies and applicable governmental regulations, all proposals involving the use of animals are reviewed and approved by the University’s Animal Care Committee. This review must be completed before the proposal is submitted for final review by the Graduate School (Office of Sponsored Programs).

Investigators obtain approval for their proposals involving animals through the Executive Secretary of the Committee, Department of Comparative Medicine, T-149 Health Sciences Center. Each proposal is reviewed according to Committee procedure and approval is indicated by the appropriate official signing a concurrence on the GC-1 form. Please note that a completed Project Review Form and a file copy of the grant abstract are required by the Animal Care Committee before the review can be completed and the concurrence signed.

Questions about the preparation or handling of proposals involving animals may be directed to the Animal Care Committee Coordinator (extension 3-3818) or to the office of the Executive Secretary (extension 3-8047).