UW Research

Policies, Procedures and Guidance

Policies, Procedures and Guidance for the Office of Research.
Name Type Updated Owner Download
Department of Defense Addendum to the UW FWA 03/12/2012 HSD [Download]
FAQ: Good Clinical Practice Training Procedures & Guidance 05/19/2017 HSD [Download]
Flexibility Policy and Procedures Policy 02/26/2016 HSD [Download]
GUIDANCE: Applicability of FDA Regulations Procedures & Guidance 08/25/2017 HSD [Download]
GUIDANCE: Case Reports, IRB Review and HIPAA SOP 08/07/2017 HSD [Download]
GUIDANCE: Certificate of Confidentiality Procedures & Guidance 10/17/2017 HSD [Download]
GUIDANCE: Confidentiality Agreement Procedures & Guidance 05/23/2017 HSD [Download]
GUIDANCE: Data Sets Not Requiring HSD or IRB Review Procedures & Guidance 04/15/2015 HSD [Download]
GUIDANCE: Exempt Research Procedures & Guidance 05/23/2017 HSD [Download]
GUIDANCE: Federal Support Procedures & Guidance 04/06/2015 HSD [Download]