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Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence


Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence COSEE Ocean Learning Communities mission is to:

Bring together many communities (marine volunteer, scientific, educational, and business) to learn together about the oceans.

Help these communities learn to communicate clearly and equitably between themselves and their own communities around ocean-related issues and research.

Encourage innovation and creativity as learning communities build partnerships with us and among themselves.

Seek and build strong models of non-traditional ocean learning partnerships that can be shared throughout the COSEE Network.

Educate scientists, volunteers, and teachers about how people learn and its connection with ocean science education.

Funding Information:

National Science Foundation.
Ocean Inquiry Project.
Soundview Evaluation and Research.
Seattle Aquarium and Seattle Aquarium Society.
College of Education.
College of the Environment.
School of Oceanography.

Related UW Entities:

College of the Environment, School of Oceanography

Center Details

Director: Robigou-Nelson, Veronique
Administering College/School: College of the Environment, College of Education 
Faculty Involvement: 3