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University of Washington Clinical Trial Center - Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (ROC)


The objective of the Resuscitation Consortium is to provide infrastructure and project support for clinical trials and other outcome-oriented research in the areas of cardiopulmonary arrest and severe traumatic injury that will rapidly lead to evidence-based change in clinical practice. The focus on pre-hospital and early hospitalization interventions recognizes the critical importance of this time frame and early congruence between the emergency cardiac and trauma populations.

Core Services Offered

University of Washington Clinical Trial Center will provide the necessary infrastructure to conduct multiple collaborative trials to aid rapid translation of promising scientific and clinical advances to improve resuscitation outcomes. Trials may evaluate existing or new therapies (such as pharmacologic immune modulators) as well as clinical management strategies (such as new resuscitative fluids, novel hemorrhage control strategies, the use of cerebral protection and neurologic preservation, metabolically directed therapies, and alternative methods of delivering CPR or defibrillation).

Funding Information:

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and other institutes within the National Institute of Health, Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, US Army Medical Research & Materiel Command, Defence Research and Development Canada, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, American Heart Association. ROC was initiated in 2004 and will run until 2015 with sponsor funding commitment of approximately $130 million for the 11 year period.ROC may be renewed beyond 2015.Since the founding of the CTC in 1982, we estimate total funding of $150mil from gov't and commercial sponsors for 10 grants including ROC.

Reporting Structure:

Chair, Department of Biostatistics

External Partners:

Dallas/Fort Worth Center for Resuscitation Research The Milwaukee Resuscitation Research Center Ottawa Ontario RCC British Columbia BCC Pittsburgh Resuscitation Network Oregon Health & Sciences University - Portland Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium Seattle-King County Center for Resuscitation Research at the University of Washington Toronto Regional Resuscitation Research Out of Hospital Network UCSD/San Diego Resuscitation Research Center Memphis Resuscitation Research Center San Francisco Clinical Center Cincinnati Clinical Center Houston Clinical Center Houston Clinical Coordinating Center Houston Data Coordinating Center TorontoSunnybrook Clinical Center Baltimore Clinical Center Tucson Clinical Center Los Angeles Clinical Center

Center Details

Director: May, Susanne J.
Location: Building 29, Suite 250
6200 NE 74th St
Seattle, WA 98115
Year Started: 1982
Administrator / Program Manager:">Doyle, Michelle
Administering College/School: School of Public Health 
P.I. Home Department: Department of Biostatistics 
Faculty Involvement: 5