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The Centers for Comparative and Health System Effectiveness is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative alliance of University of Washington health sciences research groups focused on comparative effectiveness research, technology assessment, and health system evaluation

Core Services Offered

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Funding Information:

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Reporting Structure:

Run by a leadership group across schools, and vetted with deans

Related UW Entities:

School of Medicine, Department of Surgery,
School of Public Health, Department of Health Services

External Partners:

VA Puget Sound Health Care System

Center Details

Centers for Comparative and Health System Effectiveness.jpg
Director: Flum, David (Annual Interim Director)
Location: University District Building
Year Started: 2009
Administrator / Program Manager: Rhodes, Allison
Administering College/School: School of Medicine.
School of Public Health.
School of Nursing.
School of Pharmacy. 
Faculty Involvement: 30-35