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Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity (IMSD)


Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity (IMSD) is a series of innovative services and support mechanisms which will dramatically increase the ability of our biomedical graduate programs to attract, retain, and promote the success of under-represented minority students. IMSD Program's goals are:

To provide early exposure to the health sciences and rigorous academic preparation for under-represented entering students interested in science and engineering.

To increase the retention rates of under-represented undergraduate students in science and engineering and to prepare them for application to biomedical graduate programs through sustained academic support, career development activities and research opportunities.

To assure the retention, success and career development of under-represented students in biomedical science graduate programs.

To provide information, counsel, and technical assistance to departmental faculty administrators, and advisors on effective practices and policies that promote student success/retention and will ultimately increase the number of under-represented students in biomedical science graduate programs.

Core Services Offered

IMSD Undergraduate Programs includes:

"Boot Camp" for incoming freshmen.
Introductory preparatory coursework in science, mathematics, and writing.
"Survival" seminar in academic and study skills.
Academic advising and counseling.
Tutorial assistance.
Study groups and course clustering.
Freshman and sophomore seminar classes.
Summer research teaching laboratory course.
Mentored research opportunities.
GRE preparation courses.
Enrichment and social activities.
Travel funds for national conferences.
Peer mentor match.

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Center Details

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Director: Stayton, Patrick
Location: T341 Health Sciences Bldg
Administrator / Program Manager: Ward, Teri
Administering College/School: College of Engineering, School of Medicine. 
P.I. Home Department: Department of Bioengineering