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I3M conducts applied research in three areas: (1) information management, (2) technology deployment that addresses information management challenges, and (3) human capital management as a tool to achieve organizational objectives. Research topics include:

Information Management:
development of the semantic web,
provision of information services in a business context,
information retrieval,
business intelligence,
archival of information repositories.

Human Capital Management:
change management programs,
knowledge management and organizational learning,
strategic innovation,
project management,
global and culturally diverse workforces.

Technology Deployment:
technology diffusion,
social aspects of technology usage,
open source software development,
Web 2.0, agile programming methods,
design of pervasive and ubiquitous computing,
web services.

Of specific interest to I3M is research that contributes to two or more zones, and ideally research projects span all three zones. Illustrative problems include research into:

Managing information and information workers in dynamic work contexts using mobile technologies.

Managing information in outsourcing relationships: protecting intellectual property.

Managing knowledge in distributed projects: the role of mobile technologies.

Developing customer-centric information services: understanding motivations and incentives.

Critical success factors for information protection: the information, technology, and human dimensions.

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College of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering,
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Center Details

Director: Desousa, Kevin C
Administering College/School: Information School 
Faculty Involvement: 4