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Program on Climate Change


The UW Program on Climate Change is an interdisciplinary program in climate science that strives to integrate education, research and outreach activities on campus. The goals are :

To create a strong sense of community among faculty and students interested in climate change.
To develop new courses that focus on the issues of climate change.

To create an intellectual atmosphere (through seminars, research, and special topic institutes) that establishes the UW as a place where important questions about how climate and our physical and human world interact are formulated and addressed.

To make the whole of the climate change effort at UW a powerful force in the training of future scientists and policy makers and in the understanding of past, present, and future climate.

Core Services Offered

Climate Minor, Graduate Certificate in Climate Sciences, Outreach, Summer Institute, Climate Events Calendar, Graduate Courses and Seminars.

Funding Information:

State Funded, 2002-present

Reporting Structure:

Lisa Graumlich, Dean, College on the Environment

Related UW Entities:

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College of Arts & Science, Department of Anthropology, Department of Applied Math, Department of Biology, Department of Philosophy,
College of the Environment, School Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, School of Forest Resources, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, JISAO, Department of Oceanography, Department of Marine Affairs,
College of Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Daniel J, Evans School of Public Affairs,
School of Law

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Center Details

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Director: LuAnne Thompson
Location: Ocean Sciences Building 339A
Year Started: 2002
Administrator / Program Manager: Bertram, Miriam
Administering College/School: College of the Environment 
Faculty Involvement: 60-65