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MyResearch provides you transparency to a variety of research administration process and information – all in one place.

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Using MyResearch

MyResearch is a tool designed to assist you in your research administration activities. It currently includes two major features: Funding Status and Training Transcript. The following features are offered specific to:

eGC1s & Awards under Funding Status

MyResearch Funding Status Dashboard

  • Personalized Dashboard: View all eGC1s, awards and related items associated to you
  • Status Visibility: See real-time progress, status changes, details and history
  • Contact Information: Know who to contact
  • Important Award Comments: See OSP and GCA’s comments that will inform you of compliance and fiscal information changes
  • Direct Links: Depending on the status of your application, make use of direct links to SAGE & GrantTracker

UW Required Training under Training Transcript

Individual sitting at a laptop reviewing their training transcript dashboard that displays the course, training date and expiration date. The level of urgency is also represented by colors: red for urgent, green for “does not expire” and blue for miscellaneous.

  • Personalized Transcript: Track your required research training in one location
  • Quick Search: Efficient lookup of other individual’s training records

Working Together

MyResearch is in beta. We have a rich roadmap of additional features and would love your feedback! Please feel free to email with any product enhancements. If you would like the opportunity to provide input into our development process, please join our User Research Community.