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Nanopore sequencing is a third generation sequencing technology that allows for analysis of DNA and RNA sequences without amplification. As nucleic acids pass through protein nanopores, changes in electric current are detected and subsequently decoded into bases, preserving methylation and modifications to the original sequences. With the GridION and PromethION instruments, we are able to generate high quality datasets with average read lengths between 10kb and 60kb, suitable for many long read applications such as de novo assembly, structural variant discovery, splice variant discovery,  and methylation analysis. We prepare libraries and sequence using two strategies: targeted long read sequencing and whole genome sequencing.


Equipment: Oxford Nanopore PromethION 24, Oxford Nanopore GridION

Services: DNA extraction and library preparation, Targeted Long Read Sequencing, Whole Genome Sequencing

Keywords: General

DNA sequencing, cDNA sequencing

Keywords: Specific

Long read sequencing