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UW Medical Cyclotron Facility



The UW Medical Cyclotron Facility provides particle beams for patient care and research. Current applications include Fast Neutron Therapy, Isotope Production and Research, Proton Therapy Research, and Radiation Effects Testing.


The following particles are available for target bombardment:
Protons – 6.8-12.0 MeV and 28.0-50.5 MeV up to 75 uA
Deutrons – 13.6-23.8 MeV up to 50 uA
Alpha – 27.0 – 47.3 MeV up to 70 uA
Neutrons – 22 MeV (average) 1.4*108 n/(cm2*s)

The Cyclotron group can provide expertise in related areas such as target development, target processing, computer modeling, radiation safety, experiment design, etc.


Service and Equipment: Multi-particle, variable energy cyclotron and associated beam transport system