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The Translational BioImaging Core (TBIC)



Small Animal Imaging Resource


The Translational BioImaging Core (TBIC) provides state of the art animal imaging equipment, including MRI, PET, US and optical to support the wide range of scientific projects within the UW-FH Cancer Consortium.

Type: Equipment/Facilities/Services

The TBIC supports and facilitates imaging research for members of the Cancer Consortium using resources available at Fred Hutch and UW in collaboration with multi-disciplinary imaging research groups specialized in respective imaging technologies. The TBIC provides services including: support for animal imaging; consultation for appropriate use of imaging; training and education; help with protocol development; infrastructural support; and strategic acquisition of new imaging equipment.

Keywords: General

Medical Imaging, Materials Synthesis or Production, Analytical/bioanalytical

Keywords: Specific

Cyclotron, GC-MS platform, High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Radiolabeling, sterile compounding, organic chemistry, synthetic chemistry, radiation counting