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The PET Radiochemistry Cost Center



Design and synthesis of radio-isotopically labelled compounds for diagnostic tracer use in humans and animals.


The PET radiochemistry Cost Center occupies seven laboratories with 2800 square feet of floor space. These include a cyclotron vault, high level radiochemistry labs (hot labs) with hot cells, organic chemistry lab, radiochemistry lab, pharmacy quality clean room (120 ft2), analytical chemistry, and general lab. We have personnel skilled in Cyclotron operations, radiopharmaceutical synthesis, pharmaceutical analytics, and regulatory administration. This facility is currently licensed by the State of Washington for the manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals (license no. PHMF.FX.60522701). Our cyclotron can produce Carbon-11, Fluorine-18, Nitrogen-13, Oxygen-15, and, with our solid target mount, a variety of more unusual metal isotopes, per user request. We currently synthesize a variety of carbon-11 and fluorine-18 based radiopharmaceuticals for human use. Our chemists and regulatory personnel have the expertise to aid potential customers in development of new compounds for imaging and to aid in the process of getting them approved for human and animal use.

Keywords: General

Medical Imaging, Materials Synthesis or Production, Analytical/bioanalytical

Keywords: Specific

Cyclotron, GC-MS platform, High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Radiolabeling, sterile compounding, organic chemistry, synthetic chemistry, radiation counting