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The Molecular Analysis Facility



The Molecular Analysis Facility (MAF) is a fully staffed instrumentation facility located in the UW Molecular Engineering & Science Building. Capabilities include microscopy, spectroscopy, and surface science. The facility is open to external users from academia and industry, as well as internal UW users. Users can be trained to independently perform experiments, or an experienced staff member can perform them for you.


Microscopy: SEM, TEM, AFM, Profilometer, Raman, Confocal, Dual Beam FIB/SEM, Nano-Indentation.
Spectroscopy: Raman, XRD, Ellipsometer, X-ray absorption/XANES, Ultrafast transient absorption and photoluminescence
Surface Analysis: ESCA/XPS (imaging), UPS, TOF SIMS, GDOES, SFG Spectrometer
Biophysics Tools: AUC, Biacore, DSC, ITC, QCM-D
Sample preparation tools for electron microscopy and more

Keywords: General

Analytical Instrumentation, Electron Microscopy, Surface Characterization, Biophysics

Keywords: Specific

SEM, TEM, AFM, XRD, XPS, Microscopy, Raman, Nano-indentation