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The EE Micro Fabrication Laboratory (EE-MFL)



The EE Micro Fabrication Laboratory (EE-MFL) is a cost-center laboratory in the Department of Electrical Engineering which serves the research and educational missions of the local microfabrication community. The lab is part of the Center for Applied Microtechnology (CAM).

Type: Equipment/Facilities/Services (limited)

The EE-MFL operates in a complementary manner to the larger, more industrially-focused Washington Nanofabrication Facility (WNF). The EE-MFL supports projects which are generally smaller in scope and less standardized in their process requirements than a traditional semiconductor clean room. The lab’s forte is dealing with non-standard materials, form-factors, processes, and assembly methods. The equipment and processes which are supported are chosen for their flexibility, not necessarily their uniformity, purity, or process control. As such, it is a “rougher” and more experimental laboratory for microfabriction research and development.

The lab hosts UW and non-UW academic users as well as industry users, all of whom must first have completed proper training in safety and equipment operation procedures.

Keywords: General

Microfabrication, thin-film technology, solid-state electronics

Keywords: Specific

Photolithography, thin-film deposition, wet etching, metal evaporation