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Structural Research Laboratory



Large-scale testing of engineered components and systems using high-capacity equipment with force capacities up to 2.4 million pounds and displacement capacities up to 20 inches.


The Structural Research Laboratory (SRL) supports large-scale structural testing needs.

Type: Facilities

The SRL is a versatile facility for performing large-scale engineering experiments on civil infrastructure and other components and systems. The SRL features a strong floor and strong wall. The laboratory has a large number of large-capacity actuators that can be used to apply large monotonic (one way) or reversed cyclic static and dynamic loads with the capability of multi-axial testing. Cyclic, dynamic actuators have capacities up to 400,000 lbs. A large-scale universal testing machine has a capacity up to 2.4 million pounds; smaller UTMs have capacities of 100,000 and 300,000 lbs. All UTMs are calibrated annually using NIST-traceable equipment. Experiments conducted in the SRL contribute to the development of new engineering innovations. Research had resulted in changes to building codes, development of new systems for buildings, bridges, deep foundations, ports, and high-speed rail as well as other solutions for critical civil infrastructure. The facility supports industry, research and educational projects including calibration of rams and load cells as well as testing of a wide range of components including, but not limited to, large packaging (up to 6 ft wide), fenders, high-strength bars. Please see the website for more information.

Keywords: General

Structural engineering, large-scale, civil, testing, calibration, universal testing machine

Keywords: Specific

Large-scale, destructive, concrete, steel, composite, bridges, buildings, compression test, tension test, fenders, load cell, package compression testing, bearing testing equipment, NIST traceable, ram