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ITHS Gene and Cell Therapy Lab



The Gene and Cell Therapy Lab (GCTL) provides translational researchers with the infrastructure, training, and technical expertise necessary to develop and manufacture gene-modified cells, vector production, and ex-vivo manipulation of cells for novel gene and cell therapy products.


The Institute of Translational Health Sciences is dedicated to speeding science to clinic practice for the benefit of patients and communities throughout Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and beyond. ITHS promotes this translation of scientific discovery to practice by fostering innovative research, cultivating multi-disciplinary research partnerships, and ensuring a pipeline of next generation researchers through robust educational and career development programs.

Type: Equipment/Facilities/Services

The GCTL is a 2,200 sq.ft clean room facility located in the UW TRU. It has four separate ISO class 7 BL2 suites (with two suites under negative pressure).

Each suite is equipped with biosafety cabinets, incubators, centrifuges and refrigerators. It has a CliniMACS® cell selection system for cell enrichment and/or cell depletion.

The facility is also equipped with a controlled rate freezer and LN2 vapor storage system. The equipment is continuously monitored by a validated Reese Centron® monitoring system.

Keywords: General

Gene and cell therapy, clinical trial, research

Keywords: Specific

Clean room, ISO class 7, T cells