UW Research

Center for Clinical Genomics


The goal of the Center for Clinical Genomics (CCG) is to expand the study of human genetics into areas of clinical research where the application of such strategies has been infrequent.


Services include:

  • Provide the infrastructure to help collect, organize and maintain clinical information and biologic materials from individuals at UWMC and outside institutions
  • Assist with experimental design of the genetic component of clinical studies
  • Develop and write human subjects protocols
  • Design of data capture forms and questionnaires
  • Collect and track phenotypic information
  • Logistic coordination among regulatory boards, clinical centers and research programs
  • Identify suitable technologies for processing and analyzing genetic material
  • Identify resources and colleagues from UW Medical Center and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center who can make available such technologies
  • DNA extraction from a variety of tissues


Equipment: Biosafety cabinet, Liquid handling system, 80 freezers, Ingenius LHR system, Gene Amp PCR, MiSeq

Keywords: General

Genetics, clinical study, human subjects, experimental design

Keywords: Specific

DNA extraction, biological material, MiSeq, sequencing, phenotype