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Analytical Service Center


The University of Washington Analytical Service Center, founded in the 1960’s, is an independent chemical analysis center performing samples analyses for research and education related to environment, forest, ecology and agriculture.


Advanced instrumentation is capable of analyzing soil, plant and aqueous samples for physical, biological and chemical properties.


Equipment: Ion Chromatography Dionex 120: Cl, F, Br, NO3, PO4, and SO4.
ICAP 61E Model, Thermo Jarrell Ash Co.: 22 major nutrients and trace elements.
CHN Analyzer 2400 Model, PERKIN ELMER Co.: Total Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen.
Auto-Analyzer, 500 Model Perstorp Analytical Co.: NH4 and NO3.
Spectrophotometer and Extraction Machine: CEC
TOC/TN Analyzer: Total organic carbon, inorganic carbon, and total nitrogen in solution.
ICP Thermo Scientific Inc. 6300
Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph
Mercury Analyzer, EC, Spectrophotometer, Extraction Machine, and Dissolved O2 meters also are available to use.

Analytical Service Center 2020 test rates

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Nutrients, Metals, Soil, Plant, Water